About Michael Prest


Michael attended University College School, London & Downside Abbey School, in Somerset, England. He holds an LLB and is a qualified Barrister. He is a global citizen who believes in a borderless world of ideas, consumers and the passion, determination of what is an interconnected world of the human spirit.


Mr Michael Prest is a seasoned strategic investor with a strong track record of growing successful businesses across a range of industries and sectors in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. He Is often described as the consummate negotiator. 

Currently, Mr Prest presides over Bank of Nevis International Limited (BONI) and Bank of Nevis International Trust Services Incorporated (BONITS). Both related companies are based on the island of Nevis in the Eastern Caribbean. Mr Prest, also maintains group interests in East Africa oil & gas exploration rights and which, given the energy transition window, will be developed to better serve the needs of regional consumers.

Mr Prest identifies opportunities and invests in businesses that have the potential for growth, disrupting sectors and challenging the established players. Throughout his career, he has specialised in natural resources, health & leisure assets, financial services and property, creating in the latter a property portfolio yielding more than 150% returns over a ten-year period.

He is currently looking at opportunities to roll out scalable solar energy initiatives in East Africa in the first instance and then the wider Africa; investing in better natural resource outcomes in the mining and minerals sector in Africa as well as a bespoke gaming and entertainment product as a means of raising the entertainment and gaming bar responsibly and with a view to protecting vulnerable consumers as well capturing the rich and sometimes complicated texture of the unique stories that abound across Africa and the Caribs and by so doing, positively change the narrative of Africa and the Caribs.

Community & Charitable work

Furthermore, through his investments, Mr Prest has always focussed on giving opportunity and empowering marginalised groups. In his executive roles across soft commodities and oil he made a point of always giving opportunities to young people in Africa and the Caribbean, and ensured senior positions in his businesses, often in male-dominated sectors, are representative.

Currently, at BONI and BONITS, women occupy a majority of the senior leadership and managerial positions. Mr Prest also co–founded the UK Powerlist, an initiative that showcases the 100 most influential people of African or African-Caribbean heritage in the United Kingdom. He has championed the educational needs of inner – city children in London and serves as a mentor to young people under the UK, Urban Synergy programme.

Mr Prest serves as a trustee to the Amos Bursary which was founded to help talented people of African and Caribbean descent have the opportunity to excel in education. Madiba, Nelson Mandela, described Mr Prest’s efforts as those made by someone who never forgot the importance of helping others.

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